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Marischal College

I had an overnight trip to Aberdeen at the start of April.

For me, that’s hardly a glamorous event worth blogging about… and then I remember it might be more interesting for others.

My mum was born and raised in Aberdeen. My grandparents lived there when I was a child. We visited frequently. They lived across the street from King’s College – the main Aberdeen University campus back then.

47 University Road

When it came to be my time for higher education, Aberdeen had the right course for me (I thought) and it was a place I knew and loved (although my grandparents were both dead by then). So off I went.

King’s College Sports Pavilion

I lived in the city for 7 years, all told. After that, and being mid 20s, I was keen to widen my horizons and moved on.

So, I always enjoy going back.

For this last trip I stayed overnight as I knew the event I’d be attending would finish between 9 and 10pm. I got a great deal at the Park Inn by Radisson – £45 for the night.
Breakfast wasn’t included but I’d be on the road too early for that anyway. I suspect it’s a special Sunday night rate – no business travellers and no weekenders either. It was quiet.

Park Inn by Radisson

Anyway, it was fine for what I needed.

The city has quite a few sights which make it worth a visit from the purely tourist perspective – King’s College, Old Aberdeen and Provost Skene’s House come to mind.

King’s College

It is the UK’s oil and gas epicentre, and that makes it an affluent and relatively expensive destination – although the sector is so cyclical you’ll find plenty of good hotel deals if it’s going through one of its occasional downturns.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2018

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