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An unexpected bout of nostalgia this week.

"real" tickets

“real” tickets

I’ll be having a few nights in a rather nice Bavarian spa type resort at the end of the month. Not my usual style, but a birthday present and a very welcome one.


After a little confusion, I discovered that Bayerischer Wald (where the hotel is located) is not the same as the Schwarzwald, and indeed it’s at the other side of the country – Czech border, not the French border!

Hills, forests etc. Easily mixed up.

So then came the information about it being quite close to the Czech border, and fuel being cheaper on the other side. Quite soon after that came the discussion about a day trip into the Czech Republic.

I found an old guide book, and out fell a CSA ticket from the 2005 trip to Znojmo.



The other end of the country, but still. That visit was with my son, who’d have been 11 then. He was signed up for an ice hockey training camp there – a week of hard graft (and fun) for him.



Just chilling for me.

The Znojmo club was in the top Czech league at the time, so some top quality coaching went on. I remember Tomáš Vokoun turned up to help out out one day. He’d played for Znojmo that season during the NHL lockout.


We were back in the country a few years later to see Prague. I’d been to Bratislava on business several times in the 90s, but never Prague.

It was a fun trip too. We had a great apartment just under the castle, and just did all the tourist stuff.



Beautiful place in the autumn, and not too busy.



Oh yes, we went to an ice hockey game! Sparta v České Budĕjovice.

I was looking forward to the spa experience anyway, but the added spice of a wee excursion is exciting too. No ice hockey. Not in May.

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