Temple of Zeus

I am back. I am revisiting Athens after 10 years.

The end of December is a good time for me to escape because office rules force me to take some holiday time, and then the office is closed for a total of 4 days (with a weekend in between).

Here I am, enjoying winter sun and a lot more daylight than Scotland offers in December.


I have an Airbnb apartment in the Koukaki neighbourhood, which is an easy metro journey from the airport – €10, 60 minutes and 1 change of line. Koukaki is just south of the Akropolis and Syntagma Square is a 25 minutes walk – or 2 stops on the metro.


I have a full week here, and the plan is to take it easy and try to avoid thinking about Brexit.

So far (Day 3, but Day 1 was taken up by travel) the highlight has been a Greek gastronomy walking tour. It lasted just over 4 hours, and not a minute was wasted!

It was fascinating.


I am no stranger to Greek food, but to be guided and educated about it by a local was a lovely experience. We even walked around the fish and meat market. The organisers claim we sampled 15 different foods. I lost count, but all were delicious.

Olive Shop

You can see it all on this clip (4 hours condensed into 6 minutes).

We had a different guide, but the same tour.

ⓒ iain taylor, 2019


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